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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Auction of Promises Lot #1: 3rd Birthday Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for the birthday party of a little boy who turns three over the bank holiday weekend. His favourite colour is orange (hence the orange cases). They are glittery too although you can't really tell this from my photos, can you? I don't think at the age of 3 it would occur to little boys worry about glitter being 'too girly' so I went for it ;-) These cupcakes were a comission of sorts. The mother of the boy whose birthday it is sings with me in the Fairhaven Singers ( and she was one of the three 'winning' bidders at the choir's auction of promises. My 'promise' was bespoke/personalised cupcakes to be made to the specification of the winning bidder. I raised £45 for the choir. More lots to follow in due course...!

An omission

I realised that I had forgotten to upload a picture of these wedding-y cupcakes that I made the other week. On the eve of the Royal wedding, it seems appropriate to upload them now! Congratulations Wills and Kate <3

Monday, 18 April 2011

Wedding Cake?

Hello! It's been a while.... Today I spent an enjoyable day decorating an assortment of cakes. I seem to be moving more towards more grown-up, substantial cutting cakes but don't worry - I haven't abandoned the cupcakes - in fact I tried out some new designs for these too. I think that the iced sponge would make a good top-tier wedding cake for the happy couple to cut and I would envisage having dozens of cupcakes on the lower tiers....