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Friday, 17 August 2012

It's too damn hot! Magic Stars Cupcakes

I'm seeing my gang - a group of schoolfriends who've stayed close since we left college (in 1999!) - this weekend for a picnic. I said I'd bake a batch of cupcakes for the occasion and had it in my head that I'd do vanilla sponge with my new favourite icing (white chocolate buttercream) and dainty chocolate roses and chocolate bows handmade by yours truly. So... I got up today, got all my kit out and began to attempt making the bows and roses. Problem was, with it being so muggy, the icing was too warm and sticky/melty to work with with - I reckon my palms were too clammy! So instead, I decided instead to buy some chocolates to put on top of the cakes. Not quite as impressive as handmade decorations but quite tasty nonetheless (I obviously had to sample a load of the chocolates - Magic Stars - to make sure that they were ok ;-) They've got rainbow glitter on too, but it hasn't really shown up in the photo. Hope everyone enjoys them!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Green Roses 'n' Purple Butterflies

Getting a bit closer to nailing the rose piping effect now. I also thought I'd try out a mint-coloured colouring. Do you get green roses in nature? I'm not so sure... But then again, purple sparkly butterflies don't occur in nature either (to my knowledge)... 'Fraid you can't see the sparkly-ness of the butterflies from this shot. Hey ho.